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This is Sign2Com

At Sign2Com, the designer stumbles upon a big idea …

Inspiration through innovation.

At SIGN2COM the best ideas are in the air. Not only the offering but also the exhibition floor itself exudes a refreshing originality with a select group of exhibitors who will each make a particular application tangible. Last but not least: an Innovation Award ceremony is planned to put innovation fully in the spotlight. A dazzling mind, that’s what we are looking for.

At Sign2Com, the producer experiences the future gizmos …

Making memories through experience.

SIGN2COM is where it all happens. A sign festival, so to speak. You see, hear, and feel the future. In other words, the vibes are good. SIGN2COM tells a story and shows you the way. In every corner there is something going on: the latest visual features, a seminar, an animation, an interesting meeting … SIGN2COM is an experience that lingers on, that much is certain. And that’s precisely what makes it so different from other fairs.

At Sign2Com, the developer discovers the coolest tools …

Added value through information.

SIGN2COM overtakes the Internet as a source of reliable knowledge. The know-how that can be gleaned in massive amounts at Kortrijk Xpo extends far beyond the sometimes confusing spread of information you find on search engines. Moreover, at SIGN2COM all relevant applications of visual communication are for real. Even palpable. We bet you that your computer screen will never look the same as before after your visit!SIGN2COM is the birth of cool. A must see therefore!

At Sign2Com, the marketeer plots his next campaign …

Cont(r)acts through networking.

SIGN2COM is an inspirational pep talk multiplied a thousand times, but most of all, the fair can give your business a boost. This is where you experience firsthand which raw nerve certain visual messages can touch. An idea for another thriving campaign, anyone? We give you the rest of the story on a piece of paper: marketeer meets sign. And they lived happily ever after. SIGN2COM is without doubt the beginning of many visionary partnerships.

At Sign2Com, the customer is fascinated by the hottest apps …

Creating by applying.

Theory and practice, that’s SIGN2COM through and through. All these innovations and inventions, a little crazy, sometimes, but always usable, efficient and effective. What can I create with all the applications I see here? The visitor needn’t ask that question twice, at SIGN2COM the logical answers and original solutions are there for the taking. A feast of signs that will blow you away!

At Sign2Com, the professional is invited to boast his skills …

Relevance above all else.

Call SIGN2COM simply a familiarization trip through the future of visual communication. A place where you must go, where you must see and be seen. A trade show as an experience you’ll remember for a long time and that, having given you a taste, will leave you wanting more. A must, indeed, for all the industry professionals who take themselves seriously. SIGN2COM is already a leading event in the Benelux, but we also dare to dream. You too? Be there or be square!

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