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Seminars 2018 edition

LEARN AND DO together with creatives, suppliers and specialists, that is the concept of the free sessions during SIGN2COM. Focus: grow markets of the interior decoration and digital textile printing. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover the various steps in the creation process and witness the production. They will also learn how to introduce new products in the market, promote them and sell them.

Bringing creativity to life
Find out how digital printing techniques, adapted software and special materials can turn walls, floors and windows into an inspiring and contemporary habitat, working space, shop and retail environment. With workshops and live demos in association with designers and suppliers.

Co-creation and digital printing on textile
Further than actual knowledge. When design talent, master craftsmanship and digital printing techniques melt together unique products and unknown opportunities emerge. A travel story on successful partnership, the joining of forces and marketing of distinguishing products.

Endless possibilities with digital UV printing

15:30 – Hall 4 - In Dutch

What exactly is the essence of UV technology?  And what can UV printing actually be used for? Based on a number of inspiring examples of innovative UV print applications, you'll discover how it can take your business forward and open up new products and solutions for your customers.

Ivo van der Lem - Sales Area Manager

Brand colours: leave nothing to chance

16:30 – Hall 4 - In Dutch

House colours are the cornerstone of any brand identity manual in the search for streamlined marketing & communication. It’s not always easy to display them correctly in different graphic products (leaflets, banners, newspapers, web pages, etc.). This session will set out the issue and offer solutions.

Fons Put – Senior Innovation Consultant

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