Automatic Intelligent Cutting system IECHO PK1209 Pro Max


Automatic Intelligent Cutting system IECHO PK1209 Pro Max


PK Automatic Intelligent Cutting System for Advertising, Fast Printing and Packaging

The New DigiCut PK1209 Pro Max automatic intelligent cutting system adopts a fully automatic vacuum chuck and automatic lifting and feeding platform.
Equipped with a variety of tools, it can quickly and precisely make through cutting, half cutting, creasing, and marking.
To meet the variety of applications and materials required by today’s cutting industry, the PK combines intelligent cutting/creasing/drawing functions with a precise automatic positioning system that allows a cutting speed of 1000mm/s.
It includes a high-definition CCD camera that delivers accurate corner cutting quality for cutting sharp letters in thick materials, up to 10mm, by precise positioning of its tools.
Oscillating Cutting Tool, Universal Cutting Tool, Creasing Wheel, Kiss cut tool, Drag Knife.
Cutting Material : KT Board, PP Paper, Foam Board, reflective material, Card Board, Plastic Sheet, Corrugated Board, Grey Board, Corrugated Plastic, ABS Board, Magnetic Sticker.
Cutting area : L=1200mm x W=900mm.
Cutting Thickness : 10mm.
Cutting speed : max.1000mm/s.
Cutting Accuracy : 0,1mm.
Data format : PLT, DXF, HPGL, PDF, EPS.

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