Which Oscart are you today?


Which Oscart are you today?


Operating your digital information screens has never been easier thanks to Oscart , the clever cloud tool. Thanks to Oscart, your visitors will always enjoy the right texts, videos and photos. You get to decide which content will be shown to your visitors, on which screen and at what time.

Smart software for every screen.

Do you prefer one or several screens? Do you want them at the reception, in the meeting rooms or living areas? Whether you want to use your current screen or purchase a new one, Oscart’s cloud tool is compatible with all hardware.

Oscart is a very user-friendly tool thanks to its simple interface. You can add your content in the blink of an eye, e.g. texts, photos, weather forecasts, RSS feeds or videos. You can make adjustments to your content using your pc or an app on your tablet or smartphone.

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