Caisson lumineux


Caisson lumineux


Presentation of all the innovative innovations of Cosign - the profiles of the luminous caissons for their use in the interior and exterior, as well as the creation of publicity and light. The profiles of the caissons are bright, multi-functional and available and with different professional options, offering options for using a simple face in 75mm and 120mm and using a double face in 100mm and 160mm. The luminous caisson is open over the old côtés pour insérer le(s) visuel(s) acrylique(s).

Nos profilés Lightbox sont available en finition brute (pour un revêtement en poudre
appropriate for a RAL specific color) or natural anode. The profiles are available in a standard length of 6100 mm or the cut-outs for the production of semi-finished faciles for assembly. To guarantee an installation facility, the four coins are supplemented with the boulons and the profiles are double par of 75mm and 100mm. The profiles of the 120mm and 160mm are designed to be simple with the possibility of using the lower coins to guarantee the brightness of the light that is resistant to the temperature, guaranteeing a high degree of luminous rest and visibility from the import of the environment. En option, nous livrons également l'option de modules d'éclairage edge- et backLED et d'alimentations de Lucoled.
Our bright windows are perfect for publicity and various orientations, including airports, commercial centres, metro stations, basement car parks, business premises, etc. No profile lightbox, you can see Create remarkable posters to attract attention and transmit the message's effectiveness. This is due to the construction of more expensive conditions and the construction of different conditions. 

Chez Cosign is well prepared for the production of high quality products that suit our clients. The profiles of the caissons are bright with an exception, which makes them durable, versatile and easy to install.


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